AMOS Operations Module is a fully integrated tool with a set of standard templates to make the day-to-day operations easier, faster and more efficient. 

With this new module, you can manage all reporting aspects for your fleet operations in various different formats including Excel as just one of the possible outputs. 

Reporting just got easier with the ability to condense time and making such practises automated.

The Operations Module provides: 

Operation Logs 

With the use of standards templates, cut non-conformities as well as the human error from occuring with the availablity of reporting including Voyage Planner, Garbage Log, Environmental Log to name a few. Additional templates can be implemented upon specific requests based on your company‚Äôs needs. 

Voyage Information Management 

Helping vessels stay safe in transit by avoiding any potential hazards along the way. With Voyage Log, you can easily keep track of the information related to a specific voyage including Sailing, Port, Manoeuvring, Anchorage, Fuel, Lubricating Oil, Water to analysis KPIs and evaluations. 

Benefits of AMOS Operations Management