The AMOS Projects module offers managers and on board staff a comprehensive management tool for projects such as dry dockings and in water refits. The module is fully integrated with AMOS Maintenance enabling scheduled maintenance tasks and repair orders to be removed from the day to day list and incorporated into a project. The module also has the ability to include standard refit tasks and services required during the docking/refit period combining all in an editable specification document that can be sent to the yards.

You can build a new project from the ground upward or use a past project as the foundation of the new. As the Project Owner, you are able to allocate the level of access granted to other participants involved and monitor progress and costs. A record of the completed project jobs is automatically included in the vessel’s maintenance history giving a complete picture of all work carried out on an item of equipment whether as part of a project or as part of the vessel’s day to day maintenance. 

The module also includes a planning tool which gives you a visual view of your project and enables you to move jobs around as necessary.