SpecTec Celebrates 30 Years

Once upon a time, 30 years ago to be exact, on 14th January in Oslo, a small group of Maritime Professionals set out on an ambitious journey – a journey which 30 years later is still going, stronger and stronger as each year passes.

The journey began with the creation of a small company called SpecTec Consult AS whose founders had a vision to revolutionise and automate maintenance management on-board vessels. That vision became AMOS, the worlds’ first computerised maintenance management system specific for the Maritime Industry.

It is incredible to consider AMOS was created during a time when computers were not even common place in business and there was no internet, no smart phones and no iPads. Yet this small group of determined individuals succeeded, and it is thanks to them that SpecTec & AMOS exist today, and it is also thanks to them the worlds’ fleet is able to operate as effectively as it does today.

It is a quite an achievement for any company to reach a 30 year anniversary, but to do so in IT, in the Maritime Industry is simply remarkable. We have our employees past and present to thank, and of course our valued Clients.

30 years on, our passion remains; we are SpecTec.

In the picture: Finn Fossum, pioneer sales manager of SpecTec Norway with the "Complete AMOS Solution", consisting of a Laptop Notebook and dot matrix printer in a "portable" casing.