Cooperation with CATerpillar to raise maintenance management efficiency and cut costs

SpecTec Group announces a new project with the Marine Asset Intelligence department of Caterpillar for an integrated Condition Based Maintenance solution (CBM) for shipboard equipment.

SpecTec and Cat® Asset Intelligence will work together to integrate their applications, with the aim to optimise ship maintenance procedures and performance and avoid unnecessary maintenance works.

The combined integrated system of the two companies will include on board sensor data that is automatically gathered and analysed by the Cat Asset Intelligence’s onboard predictive analytics platform, and then fed into SpecTec’s computerised maintenance management system, AMOS (Asset Management Operating System).

When component analytics indicate that action is required a work order can be automatically generated to initiate service, either at the next convenient time or immediately if necessary.

The companies plan to make this available for propulsion and other critical on board systems, covering both Cat and non-Caterpillar equipment.

Any service event that is triggered by Cat Asset Intelligence component monitoring through AMOS will also be flagged to the relevant classification for inclusion in ship records. This seamless process shall avoid any risk of human error and reduces administrative costs for busy seagoing engineering personnel.

SpecTec strongly believes in predictive maintenance practice as a tool that can make the shipboard equipment’s maintenance more efficient. A CBM solution potentially reduces the risk of unexpected stressing events or shipboard equipment failure, which have a negative impact on the ship performance and company’s budget.


About SpecTec

SpecTec is a multinational company established in 1985, specialized in the offering of Asset Management Software and services in the markets of shipping, oil and gas, defence, energy production and distribution and land-based industry. The software AMOS™ (Asset Management Operating System) allows operation and control of all technical and documentation aspects in planned and predictive maintenance, spare parts and stock control, condition-based maintenance, purchasing and procurement, budgeting, quality and safety  management, location tracking (for vessels and mobile units), document control and distribution,  risk management, incident / accident / near miss, certificate management, auditing, non-conformity, quality work orders, self-assessment, personnel management and satellite data transfers. AMOS currently has 7300 active installations serviced through a network of 21 offices around the world supported by more than 30 years of experience in the business.


About Caterpillar Asset Intelligence

Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence provides digital services and solutions to customers using data analytics and expert advisory services to predict and avoid equipment failures, reduce fuel and energy consumption, and optimize maintenance.  While this offering is new as a part of Caterpillar, the organization has been delivering value to our customers for 15 years and is based on over 40 million hours of machine monitoring experience.  This innovative technology and service offering compliments the Caterpillar Marine products and technologies that are focused on providing the highest level of uptime and the lowest lifecycle cost. 


About Caterpillar Marine

Caterpillar Marine, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, groups all the marketing and service activities for Cat and MaK™ marine diesel, dual fuel and gas power and propulsion systems within Caterpillar Inc. The organisation provides premier power solutions in the medium- and high-speed segments with outputs from 93 to 16,800 kW in main propulsion and 10 to 16,100 kWe in marine generator sets as well as a comprehensive portfolio of propulsion solutions. The sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations world-wide dedicated to support customers in ocean-going, commercial marine and pleasure craft wherever they are.