Database Management Best Practice Maximises AMOS Performance

Maximising the ongoing performance of AMOS and its extended product family incorporating Core, New, Replicator, Mobile, Data Surface and Mail, forms part of a long term and sustainable business strategy.  This is focused on the mitigation of risk and the optimisation of operational efficiency for customers across each of our business units in Shipping, Cruise, Oil and Gas.

Applying best practice, is essential in harnessing the true value and performance of each asset management software solution that operates in conjunction with three major Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) in homogenous and heterogeneous environments. 


These include Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), Oracle and SAP SQL Anywhere (ASA).


As part of proactive approach with customers to provide education around best practice, the following advice is offered:

  • Harmonization of the fleet RDBMS platform deployment to a unique shore side platform
  • The selection of either one of the two enterprise RDBMS (MSSQL or Oracle) for a shore side installation
  • Low maintenance RDBMS solution ASA for vessel installations.  This excludes enterprise environments such as cruise vessels or large platforms such as FPSOs that benefit from an enterprise RDBMS solution.

Selecting the appropriate database for the type of application and configuring it in the most effective way will ensure the performance of your AMOS system is maximised.

Director of Global R&D for SpecTec, Tim Rosenberger said, “Many customers still operate a mixture of different database servers for AMOS.  We recommend utilising one single unique database across a global fleet, which assists in reducing the maintenance commitment and cost for AMOS integrations such as interfaces, customisations and extensions.

As a Trusted Advisor we are able to collaborate with customers to ensure their investment is future proofed.  Increasingly off the shelf databases that are connected to AMOS, compromise performance to the frustration of customers.  This often equates to costly operational downtime. 

Rosenberger added, “We are now able to provide extensive support to customers around databases and configuration.  This provides piece of mind and ensures that performance is factored in and prioritized at the very start of the implementation process.”

AMOS is developed in line with a host of Microsoft technologies that are integrated and supported for Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) Server. This includes a primary cloud deployment strategy based on Microsoft Azure that forms a major part of the AMOS Core solution.

“In many cases we have found that the license and maintenance costs associated with MSSQL are lower compared to other enterprise RDBMS solutions, while there are also a great number of skilled resource and consultants able to support the system, ” remarked Rosenberger.

SpecTec’s core competence and expertise in databases centers on the fine tuning of the MSSQL platform, which is acknowledged (through customer performance benchmarking) as the fastest database backend across our key markets.  The team are also highly experienced in undertaking database platform migrations from Oracle to MSSQL, a trend that has gathered pace amongst customers over recent years.