Happy Anniversary Transgas

SpecTec is delighted to celebrate its 25th working anniversary with Transgas Shipping Line, an American based Peruvian Shipping Company, specialized in Maritime transportation of Liquefied Petroleum, Oil and derivatives, chemicals.

Since its founding in July, 1991, Transgas has delivered a high quality service of administration and ship management across North and South America, focusing its efforts on the protection and safety of environment and economical performance.

“Reaching 25 years in our line of business is an important step for the continuing growth of our company. This important milestone has been reached through the hard work and dedication of all staff and it is our intention to continue with this approach for many more years to come”.

Transgas has worked with SpecTec to reduce the total yearly fleet expenditure of 11 LPG/Chemical tankers and land-based offices. This has been achieved by installation, training, configuring and implementation of the full AMOS Enterprise Management Suite on its entire fleet

Thanks to this partnership, Transgas has seen a 10% decrease in Crew, H&M Insurance, Materials, Maintenance and Repairs, Certification Management processes costs, and  verifying and recording of every single event (technical and non-technical) of its vessels.

SpecTec would like to congratulate with Transgas for its 25th Anniversary and look forward to many more years of this working partnership to come. It is an honor to work with Transgas Management and we are very excited to celebrate this amazing milestone with them.  Congratulations Transgas!