Increased Efficiency For RCCL Fleet

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) is the single biggest Cruise Liner in the world, employing over 70,000 employees – the vast majority at sea.

One of their key strategic business objectives centres on the provision of a global and connected overview of key operations across its fleet.

This transition has been supported with the implementation of AMOS, which has simplified the end user experience, streamlined procurement, enhanced visibility of real time information and delivered greater economies of scale.

Nick Goddard, Technical Director for RCCL said of the investment, “Planned maintenance and the way we look after the ship from a marine operations point of view is key to the success of the company.  AMOS is a collaborative platform that standardises and centralises our data for performance measurement of all our brands across a combined fleet.”

Goddard added, “These standardised maintenance practices optimise the safety of the vessel and its crew, deliver good purchasing efficiencies and provide visibility of connected data.”

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