Mobile or Web App? What's best for your users?

There is a growing awareness in the shipping industry about the significance of PMS solutions and tools that deliver fleet level visibility. One key to driving fleet efficiency is utilising structured data and comparing it between vessels, suppliers and projects. This data is only useful however, if it is accurate, complete, and timely. To achieve this, it is essential that data capture methods are user centric and readily available.

With an increasing number of ways to be productive on the go, let us talk about the differences in mobility options and why we at SpecTec have different solutions for different users.

Mobile Apps

We have built solutions based on user personas. Take our mobile application for example, whether that’s inventory or maintenance, it is built around onboard users whereby offline functionality is a must for working. If a user is in the engine room and there is no WIFI or internet connectivity they can continue to report work, complete requisitions, register stock or transfer, take photos, add notes and many more processes, as data is stored locally on the device, there is no interference and when internet connection is established the information syncs into AMOS core application (Fat client).

Our mobile app enables users to decrease the complexity, remove additional manual work and reduce the risk of inaccurate information. This of course enables cost-effectiveness and efficiency for the entire process. The use of our mobile app technology enhances operating processes by increasing quality and accuracy in reporting and saving time and money.

Web Apps

Our web-based apps on the other hand is designed towards a different persona, someone that is on the move, maybe outside of the office environment and requires access to our application to complete a particular process or task. This could be while using a mobile, laptop or tablet device and access to internet connection is available, in other words always connected. As appose to our AMOS core application offers a more sophisticated user interface and is a simpler architecture which can be beneficial onboard or for offline working.

The web app is device independent, responsive in design, user-friendly and enables rapid evolution of features. Take Purchase Order (PO) approvals as an example it allows users to review all pending orders from any internet connected device, ensuring that supply chains are not delayed by PO’s stacking up awaiting approval. Being online means, all information is automatically updated back into the AMOS core application instantly using our existing replication solution.