Roadshow Innovation Theme

Roadshow Innovation Theme

Education and innovation were the themes at SpecTec’s Scandanavia roadshow hosted at Oslo Airport, 10 November.

The roadshow brought together a host of marine professionals to share experience and learn about best practice for data and asset management.

Roddy MacLennan, Vice President of Sales at SpecTec said, “The event provided a great platform for engagement with our customers around the developments at SpecTec and our core products.  This centred on innovation and the introduction of a new product roadmap.  We were able to discuss our future strategic direction aligned to the specific business needs of our customers.”

Technology workshops brought together groups of customers to discuss the latest market opportunities and provided the team with an interesting insight into the future needs of the market.

MacLennan added, “In addition to the feedback we have been able to communicate the SpecTec future vision.  Integral to this is customer collaboration, investment and a new structure that will provide a more focused and transparent approach to global service delivery.”