SFI Standard

Nowadays, digitalisation and Internet of Things (IoT) have become a hot topic within the maritime industry. Nevertheless, the digitalisation of the industry cannot be achieved without a critical enabler – standardisation. Indeed, efficient collection, storage, transfer and use of data is impossible without standardised protocols. SpecTec, the developer of AMOS, the enterprise asset management platform, recognised the value of standardisation long time ago. SpecTec invested in the ownership of famous SFI code, originally developed by the Ship Research Institute of Norway in 1972.  The logical and intuitive hierarchy-based code simplifies work processes related to maintenance, stocking and procurement.

With use of the code, SpecTec does not just follow the industry trend of digitalisation but leads through initiative and innovation. The newly released AMOS Inventory and Maintenance Apps are perfect examples of that – simplifying the work for our customers and users, just as the SFI code has done for many years.   

SFI System Code Hierarchy consisting of Main group, Group, Sub group and detail code.