Simplifying the Management of Data for IMO DCS

IMO DCS is the latest set of regulations that stipulate the measurement of emissions in the maritime industry, overlapping in many areas with EU MRV.  By 1 January 2019 (As part of IMO DCS) all ship owners and operators are required to collect data for their ships that exceed 5000 gross tonnage.

Compliance for IMO DCS and EU MRV

The launch of the AMOS IMO DCS software management solution (currently under evaluation for certification by Verifavia Shipping) assists ship owners with the collection and management of data as part of the compliance process. The benefits are:

  • Best practice for IMO DCS regulation management, reporting and measurement
  • Simple to deploy and an intuitive user experience
  • Reduces operational complexity and assists with compliance
  • Simplifies and centralises your data for verification and auditing
  • Flexible reporting and analysis - export data and reports into excel and other formats
  • Future proof – updated with similar IMO future regulations

IMO DCS is integrated into AMOS™, the industry’s leading asset management and procurement platform. This gives a truly integrated system for maintenance and operations while also offering seamless automatic data exchange ship to shore via our AMOS Replicator technology.

This provides a combined reporting for both IMO DCS and EU MRV and features the following:

  • Fuel consumption data can be collected on daily basis following the standard on board practice (Noon Report)
  • Supports all the required fuel data collection methods for each fuel type used on board
  • Auto generated daily reports for data analysis and administration flag periodic verification
  • Aggregated annual report for flag administration, verification and upload to the IMO fuel consumption database
  • Supports workflow allowing ship owners to define different approval steps
  • Forms part of the AMOS framework environment and is protected with a configurable ‘level of access to ensure ship owners meet policy and procedural requirements
  • Analyse fuel consumption data for the entire fleet.  Collect data from individual ships and store in a centralised database using AMOS Standard Data Replicator

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