Sovcomflot Group (SCF Group), Russia’s largest shipping company, has announced that it has completed a major IT integration project in conjunction with SpecTec, to implement new enterprise management systems across the organisation.

The project involved the databases of all 143 vessels within SCF Group’s fleet, with all of the different technical databases having to be merged into a single one in order to leverage the centralised database feature in SpecTec’s AMOS software system.

As part of this process the Quality and Safety databases were also merged and upgraded to support a dual language system, while the two legacy crewing systems operated by SCF Novoship and SCF Unicom were merged into the AMOS Staff Management application.

In addition, SpecTec created a bi-directional link between AMOS and SAP, to allow for the exchange of all financial data between the software packages.

“The successful completion of this very large IT integration project for SCF Group has delivered a state-of-the-art resource for the whole Group. It has seen the removal of incompatible legacy IT systems that arose following a series of mergers and acquisitions, which saw the formation of the industry leader that is SCF Group today,” said Sovcomflot senior executive vice-president and chief operating officer, Evgeniy Ambrosov.

“With the support of SpecTec, we have been able to upgrade our systems and software, to provide timely, accurate and consistent enterprise resource management information across the entire SCF Group. SCF specialists provided full design input for the entirely new Dynamic Data Reporting I and Dynamic Data Reporting II modules used for technical, operational and environmental performance monitoring of the vessels, as well as Automatic Document Generator for sea staff documents and the customisation of the Auditing Agenda.”

“Investment in the latest IT systems and software is a further example of SCF Group’s determination to continue serving the evolving needs of its clients in the most efficient and effective way.”

Giampiero Soncini, CEO of SpecTec Group, noted that this company wide installation was one of the most complex the company has ever had to perform, but he believes that the efforts will prove to be well worth it for SCF Group going forward.

“Having a powerful IT system gives shipowners a definitive, large economic advantage over competitors who did not have the vision, the courage and the willingness to invest at the same level,” he said.

“AMOS is an essential tool in controlling costs, while allowing compliance with all the existing shipping rules. We are very proud of the interesting work done in cooperation with SCF Group, which was mutually enriching taking into account high professional engineering skills of the SCF Sea and shore staff.”

“This cooperation was essential, as was their understanding of the difficulties we were encountering when trying to solve all the tasks assigned to us. IT projects of such dimensions require cooperation between the supplier and the customer, or they risk reaching only half of the targets. SCF Group has been a very demanding and clever customer.”