SpecTec as the owner and distributor of AMOS (Asset Management Operating System) will manage the partnership with the support of its local Agent Socius d.o.o, foreseeing the donation of the system to the University of Split, in order to include the system into the standard educational programs of the Naval Architecture Faculty.

This will involve the learning of the computerized Planned Maintenance System (PMS) managed through AMOS, used in the Maintenance Management Course Syllabus for Marine Engineering students.

The project is aimed to give students a clear and in-depth understanding of management cycles of a ship or a fleet as well as the chance to have practical, hands-on approach of Procurement, Quality, Safety and Crewing processes.

SpecTec and Socius will be responsible to provide preliminary support when needed and ensure appropriate guidelines are followed throughout the entire duration of the course.

Such type of collaborations in terms of learning and education are truly important to SpecTec. We see this as a long-term investment for the next generation, helping Maritime key players to reduce their expenditure on IT platform training.