Shipdex ( is an international Protocol developed to standardize (in xml format) the production and exchange of all the data related to the information currently supplied in the form of Technical Manuals (provided today on paper or in various electronic formats).

This Protocol is completely independent and open to all the companies and organizations acting in the shipping market. It has been developed by a group of founder members and it is maintained and improved by the Shipdex Protocol Maintenance Group (SPMG).

Shipdex is the customization for the shipping community of the international S1000D specification ( already in use for about 30 years in the military sector (naval, land and aerospace) and adopted more recently by the Civil Aviation.

Shipdex is a collection of international business rules developed to standardize and improve the production, the exchange and the use of technical information between equipment makers, shipyards and ship-owners.It enables equipment manufacturers and shipyards to structure, write and deliver technical manuals in an advanced electronic and standardized format, much easier and more effective to produce and to subsequently manage, compared to traditional methods of writing technical manuals using word processors.



ShipServ is a world leading e-marketplace for the marine, oil and gas industries, connecting ship owners, ship managers, yards and oil rigs with industry suppliers of spares and stores worldwide. ShipServ help buyers find suppliers of the products they need, when and where they need them. It works in combination with AMOS to eliminate the need for re-typing of data and using multiple communication channels thus reducing purchasing cycle times while gaining access to vital data intelligence in categories such as spares and stores from trading via the ShipServ platform from all around the world.


James Fisher Mimic

UK based James Fisher Mimic, a branch of James Fisher and Sons plc. Group, provides tailored software and consulting services to enable the world’s maritime industry to attain value from their maintenance budgets. With over 25 years’ experience gained both from the Defence and Merchant sectors, the company offers a full range of condition monitoring services from vibration analysis to thermography, to oil analysis and remote diagnostics. Mimic Condition Monitoring Software is a complete CM system that helps you to identify the optimum time to conduct maintenance activities thus reducing downtime for unexpected repairs. James Fisher Mimic is accredited to the latest BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards. 



Established in 1978 by a group of senior purchasing executives in the shipping industry, the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA) aims to promote co-operation and understanding between purchaser and supplier and to improve the practice of marine purchasing in all applied forms. Today, IMPA’s Marine Stores Guide is the chosen reference source for the maritime industry. With over 42,000 products across 34 categories, IMPA’s Marine Stores Guide is the most comprehensive specification tool for the maritime supply chain widely used on board ship as well as by suppliers and purchasers in office locations around the world.



iMarine Software designs software applications and services primarily for use by the Maritime industry. Our mission is to provide simple to use, efficiently designed custom software and services. Utilizing our extensive years of experience in the maritime and IT industries, iMarine software has developed a cloud based e-procurement software solution called SeaProc. This software provides a robust and cost effective solution for your wide ranging procurement requirements. Our primary focus is always on the end user experience, ensuring seamless integration, simplicity in use and creating an accurate database for improved management of ordering practices.